Delhi: Sisodia asked questions about CBI raid, said – legal process was evaded to implicate – Delhi Sisodia asked questions about CBI raid

मनीष सिसोदिया (फाइल फोटो)

Manish Sisodia (file photo)
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Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has questioned Saturday’s CBI raid on the excise case. He said that in order to falsely implicate him, the CBI seized computers from his office, bypassing legal process. The CBI-ED investigation in this case has been ongoing since August 2022, but no evidence has been found against him and he is not named as a defendant in the CBI charge sheet. There is no hash value of the seized document mentioned in the Caesar Memo received from the CBI. Apart from this, the CBI did not even take the photo of the document.

Manish Sisodia said the authenticity of the seized digital device is crucial to establishing the case. It is therefore important that the hash value of the data file is taken over by the investigating officer at the time of seizure. He expressed fears that the CBI, which seized the CPU to destroy the confidential files and documents, would manipulate it and use it to falsely implicate him. He said his office was closed on Saturday. The CBI officer ordered his PS over the phone to come to the office and open it. The CBI team was already there before he reached his office. The CBI officials asked their PS to open the office and take them to the conference room.

Saw a computer installed in the conference room. He commissioned and assessed the computer and filed a notice under Section 91 CrPC with the Secretary requesting the CPU of the computer system. Then the team confiscated the CPU without following the prescribed procedure. Hashing is used to authenticate electronic records under Section 3(2) of the IT Act, 2000, he said. These things are also mandatory to follow when seizing electronic documents in the CBI manual. The seizure of the electronic device has therefore lost its legal validity.

CBI refutes Sisodia’s allegations

The CBI rejected Manish Sisodia’s allegations and said it follows procedure under the law when conducting a search or seizure. The agency has dismissed allegations from Sisodia, who claimed the agency attempted “malicious involvement” by seizing the computer without providing the hash value. The agency said all of its search and seizure procedures are in line with the law. The agency denied any search or raid of Sisodia’s office.

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