Delhi: Record of maximum temperature can be made in February in Delhi, experts told about effect of western disturbance – Delhi: Record of maximum temperature on the maps in February

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In Delhi, a record of more than three days with a temperature above thirty degrees can be made in the month of February. So far in February, the mercury has been above 30 degrees for three days. Now there are only three days left to end this month and according to the forecast of the Meteorological Service, the temperature could remain between 32 and 33 degrees Celsius between February 26 and February 28.

At the same time, a Western Disturbance has been active since February 25, the effect of which will be seen in the form of an increase in temperature. At the same time, another disturbance will be active from February 28, its effect will last until March 2-3.

According to the Meteorological Service, the maximum temperature on Saturday was five degrees above normal at 30.8 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature was two degrees below normal at 10.4 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature was measured above 30 degrees in five parts of Delhi. The temperature in Sports Complex was 31.4, Pitampura 31.2, Ayanagar 30.4, Pusa Road 30.3 degrees Celsius.

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