Delhi: Questionnaires from ten exams including Ntro feared to be leaked

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With the arrest of the interstate mob that leaked the National Technical Research Organization (NTRO) inquiry form, another major revelation has come to light. There is a possibility of paper leak of more than 10 exams from Paramount School in Dwarka from where NTRO exam paper has been leaked. Accused Arunjay was responsible for conducting the exams at this school. He was the school’s assistant superintendent of examinations for a long time. In three to four years, 8 to 10 exams have been taken at this school. In such a situation, Arunjay is believed to have leaked everyone’s questionnaires.

Senior officer of crime department told that the exams of BSF and teachers were held here. In such a situation, the Delhi Police has written a letter to the NIELIT and the school board, asking what exams have been conducted at the school and which exams have been conducted to Arunjay. The team of ACP Rohtash Kumar and Inspector Ashish Sharma, posted in Crime Division of Delhi Police, arrested the accused Arunjay, Uttam Nagar resident, Arun Kumar, Lawrence Road resident, Subhash Chand, Maharana Pratap Enclave resident, Swarna Jayanti Nagar, Aligarh UP, who leaked NTRO exam question form Village Sihawan Post-Station Surir, Mathura resident Deepak Raghav and Bihar resident Govind Kumar.

Arun, Deepak Raghav and Subhash Chand are examinees. Arunjay was the assistant superintendent of exams. The gang leader is Deepak, a resident of Jind. Her father is a deputy inspector in the Delhi Police. Deepak has been leading the gang for many years. Inspector Ashish Sharma’s team has conducted more than ten raids in Haryana and UP to capture Deepak.

This is how the center’s exam inspector became

The National Technical Research Organization (NTRO) had assigned the responsibility for conducting the research to the government agency NIELIT. NIELIT had handed over the responsibility of several exam centers set up in schools in Delhi to different people. NIELIT had given the responsibility of setting up the center at Paramount School, Sector-23, Dwarka to Arunjay. Arunjay had purposely become the center’s research inspector. After this, the game of leaking paper began.

If Arunjay sends a questionnaire, then the answer book is from Deepak

Arunjay was in charge of the exam center and had complete control over the school. As soon as the questionnaire came in, he took a picture from the mobile and sent it to Deepak. Many times Arunjay sent the answer book to Deepak. Deepak solved the questionnaire and sent it to Arunjay. The police determine where Deepak solved the questionnaire.

Deepak brought candidates from Jind and other places

Deepak is a native of Jind. He used to bring candidates from Jind himself. The other accused Deepak Raghav is also a resident of Mathura. He had also brought the examinee with him. Arunjay had accepted one lakh rupees each from two examiners. This money came into the bank account. The balance was to be paid in cash. So far, the issue of five examiners getting caught in their clutches has come up.

follow an ideology…

All the defendants believe in one ideology and are followers of it. They met at a conference. From there they started meeting and later formed a gang.

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