Delhi: Postal worker extracted 1.25 crore by issuing checkbook, arrested from Faridabad

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The postal service agent posted to the main post office on Parliament Street was breaking into people’s accounts. The accused used to get checkbooks in their name by forging the signatures of the account holders and then withdrawing money from their accounts through checks. Initial investigation revealed that the accused has withdrawn more than 1.25 crore from the accounts of more than 50 people. Sansad Marg Police Station in New Delhi has arrested accused Faridabad postal worker Surendra Ajit Pal Singh. Police have taken him into custody until Friday.

A senior New Delhi district police officer said retired senior officer Ashok Behl had lodged a complaint with the Sansad Marg police station. He said that someone had deducted several lakh rupees from his account through a bogus check. After this, many more victims went to the police. The victims expressed suspicion about postal agent Surendra Ajit Pal Singh who was posted at the main post office.

After registering a case based on the complaint of the victims, Sansad Marg Ajay Gupta’s team, Sansad Marg police station team, Atar Singh Yadav, Rajkiran boat club outpost and Officer Dara initiated the investigation. The initial investigation suspected the postal service agent. It turned out that the suspect went into hiding for his duty and home. Finally, after several days of investigation, the team from the Boat Club outpost, Rajkaran, arrested the suspect from Faridabad.

The suspect said that his family had huge debts and that he took people’s money from their accounts to pay back the loan. He got the checkbooks issued by false signatures on the accounts of the account holders after seeing their signatures. By signing those checks, he then slowly withdrew money from their accounts. In this way, he had withdrawn about 1.25 crore rupees from the accounts of many account holders.

Working as a service agent since 2003

The accused Surendra Ajit Pal Singh, originally a resident of Ropar, Punjab, worked as a postal clerk at the main post office since 2003. The police are also investigating that other than Surendra Ajit Pal Singh, other post office workers are not involved in this scam. The police question the suspect to find out since when he has withdrawn money from people’s accounts and how many people’s accounts he has withdrawn money from so far. In this case, detailed information has been obtained from the officials of the main post office.

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