Delhi: Political battle over electricity subsidy, government said – aid won’t stop – Political battle over electricity subsidy

Political tussle over electricity subsidy


Once again, the political battle over the electricity subsidy has intensified. The Delhi government has accused the lieutenant governor and the BJP of stopping the electricity subsidy. Said efforts are being made to stop free electricity under the conspiracy. However, the government has clearly said that the Delhi government’s free electricity scheme will not stop.

Speaking to the Lieutenant Governor and the BJP, Energy Minister Atishi said that a file has been received from the electricity department, which contains a proposal to cut off free electricity available in farmers’ and lawyers’ rooms. Atishi asked that if the elected government did not make such a proposal, where did it come from. Who gave such orders? Atishi said electricity department officials told me that such a proposal has been drafted under pressure from the lieutenant governor and BJP leaders.

Farmers don’t get free electricity: Bidhuri

Assembly opposition leader Ramveer Singh Bidhuri said Energy Minister Atishi’s allegation is baseless. Farmers in the capital are not provided with free electricity, otherwise the question of closing it under pressure from the Lieutenant Governor will not arise. Atishi has just become a new minister and she has not even done her homework that there is no scheme for free electricity for farmers in Delhi. Kejriwal’s stepmotherly treatment towards the peasants is well known. Desk

Atishi’s claim is wrong: Sachdeva

State BJP president Virendra Sachdeva has rejected electricity minister Atishi’s claim, saying there is pressure to cut off free electricity from farmers and lawyers. The truth is that the office of the lieutenant governor made no such suggestion to the officials. The truth is that the government of Delhi does not give even a single unit of electricity to the farmers for free, but charges the poor farmers a tax rate of 10 to 20 KW per tube well.

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