Delhi: Plastic made with new technology dissolves in the soil. Plast India brought the solution: plastic manufactured by new technology dissolves in the soil

प्रगति मैदान में प्लास्ट इंडिया...

Pees India on Pragati Maidan…
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Now plastic will be needed, not force. Whether it’s the mouth brush in the morning or the bed, sheet and pillow to sleep at night, whether it’s the bucket, mug or even the water pipe that enters the house, everything contains plastic. Therefore, it is not easy to get rid of plastic. By recycling it correctly, damage to the environment can be prevented.

An exhibition of plastic and other single-use plastic products has been organized at the Plast India fair in Pragati Maidan. There are also plastic products that, if they are not accidentally recycled, will automatically dissolve in the soil over time. New machines will soon be on the market. This machine will prove to be a boon to cities like Delhi. Plast India Fair is organized again in Delhi after 11 years.

Sunday is the last day. The fair is full of new plastic recycling technologies, machines and plastic products from home and abroad. These plastic items have a short life. When exposed to sunlight, it slowly melts on its own. Their cost is not much. All items are recyclable.

Saurabh Mittal, director of Calco Polychem Company, said that he has the technology and machinery to make many plastic items from bottle caps, chairs, trash bag bags, cement bags. Throwing away and reusing plastic is the only way to protect the environment. His company is not directly connected to consumers, but he has participated in the fair by bringing new recycling ideas and raw materials to the companies that make plastic goods.

Tons of Printing and Packaging Machines: In the Plast India fair, companies from all over the country and other foreign countries such as China, Taiwan and UAE have participated with new technology. There is an exhibition on the first and top floors of the new hall of Pragati Maidan. Telangana, Andhra Plastics Association of South India has brought new platforms for the plastics industry here. Delhi’s Expan Plastic Packaging Company has a new technology to make bottles after recycling.

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