Delhi: People angry over bicycle use ban back, aggregator policy in final phase, to be implemented in March

दिल्ली के परिवहन मंत्री कैलाश गहलोत

Delhi’s Transport Minister, Kailash Gehlot
Photo: ANNI

Due to the ban on riding pedicabs in Delhi, people’s difficulties have started to increase. In addition to those who use pedicabs to get to their destinations every day at a low cost, the drivers are also concerned about the future.

Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot said the aggregation policy for two, three and four wheelers is in its final stages. It will be implemented in March. This makes obtaining a permit a lot easier. The file is currently being sent to the legal department. This will be a great relief to the commercial users of cars, taxis and two-wheelers. The intention is that the policy will pay special attention to e-vehicles.

made some suggestions in the public notice

The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), a body that promotes and stabilizes the digital sector, has made some suggestions in a public notice from Delhi’s Transport Department. It said the first provision of the amended section 93(1) of the Motor Vehicles Act states that the state government can follow central government guidelines for issuing a license to an aggregator. In 2020, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways notified the Article 93 MV Aggregator Guidelines. Section 15 of the MV Aggregator Guidelines 2020 (Central Guidelines) allows the use of non-transport vehicles by aggregators.

Cannot compromise with passenger safety

Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot said no compromise could be made with passenger safety. The change in the new policy will simplify the permitting process. Driver’s license, panic button, passenger safety, especially female passengers, is an important point. Along with the drivers’ record, a driver’s license is required to operate private vehicles commercially. Despite no aggregator being allowed for two-wheelers, a public notice was issued to crack down on pedestrians. All aspects are discussed so that no one is bothered by it.

who is responsible for security

Experts say safety is a big issue for two-wheelers. Who is responsible in case of an accident as a result of sailing with two-wheelers without commercial use is a big question. To this end, the Aggregator Policy must be implemented with changes. For the convenience and safety of the people, it is necessary that the bicycle used as public transportation should only be allowed to ride after all the requirements are met, including driver’s license, license plate.

Drivers began to worry about the future

After the report from the Transport Department, people encountered difficulties in traveling from NCR cities to Delhi. People took taxis, subways, car rides to avoid delays in reaching office. Even after booking through the app, people were bothered since the morning by bicycle taxis not being available to reach the passengers. Bicycle taxi driver Anand says he is worried about the future due to the ban of the Public Works and Water Management Department. Drivers say that instead of imposing a fine, the government should have such a policy so that everyone can get relief. The aggregator is fined Rs 1 lakh for violating the Motor Vehicles Act by using pedicabs.

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