Delhi: Passenger who went to London with a fake passport 17 years ago has now been arrested

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A passenger who went to London 17 years ago has been caught on a forgery charge by Delhi airport. The forgery came to light during the check of passenger documents at the airport. Actually, the passenger had gone to London 17 years ago on another person’s passport. The IGI Airport police station reported the suspect and arrested him. The passenger has been identified as Harvinder Singh Puri, a resident of Govind Pura.

According to police sources, a passenger reached Delhi airport from London on the late night of January 21. He arrived for immigration clearance. The officials noted that he was carrying an Indian passport, which was issued in the month of August last year. Checking the passport revealed that there are no definitive details about going abroad from India on the passport with this number.

When in doubt, immigration officials questioned the passenger. The passenger said he had gone to London with a passport in someone else’s name. In 2006 he had obtained a false passport through an agent. Which made him cheat immigration and go to London.

The details of his old passport were examined and the veracity of the passenger’s statement was verified. The immigration officers then handed over the passenger to the Delhi Airport Police and advised to register a case of forgery against the passenger.

Authorities handed over the passenger’s current passport, a photocopy of the old passport, the passenger’s arrival details, UK residence permit and a copy of the passenger’s confession to police. The police question him to identify the officer who helped the passenger reach London.

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