Delhi: Passenger troubles will increase due to rail blockades, trains will be affected on these railway routes – Passenger troubles in Delhi will increase due to rail blockades

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Due to the construction works in Ferozepur Railway Division, Railways has decided to take a traffic blockade. This leaves many trains on the Sanhawla-Ambala Cantt-Saharanpur railway line cancelled. Some trains run on a diverted route. As a result, passengers will have to worry until January 30. Due to traffic blockage, train number 04503 Ambala Cantt-Ludhiana Special remains canceled with immediate effect until January 30. Similarly, Train No. 04591 Ludhiana-Chehrata-Ludhiana, Train No. 04579 Ambala Cantt-Ludhiana Special, Train No. 04504 Ludhiana-Ambala Cantt Special, Train No. 04582 Ludhiana-Ambala Cantt Special, Train No. 04690 Jalandhar City-Ambala Cantt Special, train No. 04689 Ambala Cantt-Jalandhar City special train is canceled with immediate effect until January 30. Apart from this, train 12497 Amritsar-New Delhi Express remains canceled with immediate effect until January 24.

Train No. 12498 New Delhi-Amritsar, Train No. 22429 Delhi-Pathankot Express, Train No. 22430 Pathankot-Delhi Express also remain canceled until January 24. Similarly, train number 04651 Jaynagar-Amritsar Express remains canceled on 17, 20, 22, 24 January. Train number 04652 Amritsar-Jaynagar special remains canceled on 18, 20, 22, 25 January. Train number 04653 New Jalpaiguri-Amritsar remains canceled on 20 January. Train No. 04654 Amritsar-New Jalpaiguri Special on January 18, Train No. 22445 Kanpur Central-Amritsar on January 16 and 23, Train No. 22446 Amritsar-Kanpur Central Express on January 17 and 24, Train No. 14606 Jammutawi-Yoganagari Rishikesh Express on January 22, Train No. 14605 Yoganagari Rishikesh-Jammu Tawi Express remains canceled on January 23.

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