Delhi Ordinance: Delhi Government Said – Ordinance Completely Contempt Of Supreme Court Order, Insult To Mandate – Delhi Government Said – Ordinance Completely Contempt Of Supreme Court Order

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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.
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The Delhi government has directly labeled the central government’s ordinance as contempt for the order of the Supreme Court. According to the Delhi government, the Supreme Court had clearly stated in its order that the elected government is supreme. The elected government has all the powers. This ordinance has been introduced against the orders of the Supreme Court and to reduce the power of the Kejriwal government.

An overnight statement from the Delhi government said that the Supreme Court agreed that if the public voted for Kejriwal, then Kejriwal should have the right to make all decisions. But the central government says through this regulation that the person elected by the people of Delhi should not have the right to make decisions in favor of the people of Delhi. Besides contempt for the Supreme Court order, it is also an affront to the mandate of the people of Delhi.

On the other hand, senior Aam Aadmi party leader and cabinet minister Atishi said that this regulation has proved that the BJP and the central government are only afraid of Arvind Kejriwal. The BJP fears that if all power comes to Kejriwal, it will be impossible to prevent the Kejriwal model from spreading across the country.

Significantly, the central government issued an ordinance on the rights of the Delhi government on Friday. The Center issued the ordinance in response to the Supreme Court’s decision. According to the ordinance, the transfer of officers in Delhi will not only be the authority of the Chief Minister, but the final decision will be that of the Lieutenant Governor.

LG has the final decision on transfer and placement

According to the regulation, an authority has been created for the transfer and secondment of officers in the capital. It will have Chief Minister Kejriwal, Delhi Chief Secretary and Principal Home Secretary. If there is a dispute over the transfer and detachment of officers, the final decision is accepted by the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi.

Kejriwal had already expressed his concern about the regulation

Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal had already expressed his concern at the Center’s ordinance in the evening. He tweeted and wrote: Why is LG Sahib not following Supreme Court orders? Why hasn’t the service secretary’s file been signed for two days? It is said that the Center is going to reverse the Supreme Court order by issuing an ordinance next week? Is the central government planning to overturn the Supreme Court’s order? Is LG Sahib waiting for the regulation and therefore not signing the file?

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