Delhi: No flooding on Delhi’s roads during G-20 conference

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Most of the flooding in the capital occurs on Rohtak Road and MB Road (Bridge Prahladpur Underpass). In four years, 16-16 places have been flooded here. Apart from this, water was collected in a total of 207 places in Delhi in the year 2022.

This is according to an investigation by the Delhi traffic police. In such a situation, the Delhi Police approached the local authorities to prevent flooding during the G-20 conference. Letters were written to all authorities on the basis of the survey. The traffic police have informed the Ministry of the Interior about this.

A senior officer of the Delhi traffic police told that when the G-20 conference is held in September, it will be monsoon season. In such a situation, there is a risk of water accumulation on the roads. For this reason, the traffic police commissioned the investigation. From this it is determined where there is flooding on the roads of Delhi.

According to the survey, the places with flooding are increasing every year. In the year 2022, 132 complaints were received on the traffic police helpline and social media. In the year 2021 there was flooding in 211 places and 297 complaints, in the year 2020 there was flooding in 145 places and 175 complaints and in the year 2019 flooding in 82 places and 112 complaints.

The investigation also found that there is maximum congestion on Rohtak Road and MB Road, which are both major routes. At Rajdhani Park metro station (both lanes) on Rohtak Road, there was flooding in two places in the year 2019, two in the year 2020, eight in the year 2021 and four in the year 2022. In this way, there was flooding in one place in the year 2019, 6 in the year 2020, 7 in the year 2021 and two in the year 2022 in the bridge Prahladpur underpass on MB Road.

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