Delhi News: There will be parking for private vehicles in 41 bus depots


Parking for passenger cars will be provided at 41 bus depots

It will be easy to reach the last end, private vehicles will directly reach the bus station

-The journey takes less time, no need to wait to reach the end

Amar Ujala Office

New Delhi. Convenience will increase in the journey of bus passengers in Delhi. Whether traveling long distances or going to the office on a daily basis, people can now park their vehicles by reaching the bus depot with private vehicles. For the convenience of travellers, there will soon be parking spaces for two-wheelers, three-wheelers and cars at 41 bus depots. With this initiative, thousands of commuters who travel in buses every day do not have to wait for other modes of transport to reach the last mile. DTC has issued a tender for this and is expected to be implemented at the end of this year.

Lakhs of passengers travel daily in thousands of buses on various routes in Delhi. The introduction of parking facilities in the depot also makes it easier for travelers to reach the end point. Permits will be issued for parking at all depots. For this, the permit holders will be responsible for collecting parking fees for the passengers or for the security of the vehicles.

Parking is available for 10 hours

The special thing is that the parking will be available from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Passengers can park vehicles for up to 10 hours per hour or for varying durations. A fee will have to be paid for this. By paying a monthly fee, you can use the facility of vehicles at a low cost.


transportation costs

Two wheeler – Rs 10 per hour, Rs 25 for 10 hours

Tricycles – Rs 60 for two hours, Rs 90 for 2-5 hours, Rs 200 for 5-10 hours

Car – Rs 80 for two hours, Rs 120 for 2-5 hours, Rs 200 for 5-10 hours

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