Delhi News: The formation of a standing committee will depend on the election of ward committees


The Court’s decision on the election of six members of the Standing Committee changed the situation

If the mayor wants to, he can now start with the elections of neighborhood committees

After the election of the district committees, a permanent committee is formed

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New Delhi. of corporation

The Court has ruled on the election of six members of the Standing Committee and has asked the mayor to announce the results of the election on 24 February. Here Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi welcomed the court’s decision. In such a situation, new hopes have again arisen in the minds of millions of Delhi residents regarding the formation of the Standing Committee as the formation of the Standing Committee depends on the election of the ward committees. The company is not complete without a standing committee, and many of the company’s major development work related to public concern has been suspended.

As Mayor Dr. Shaili Oberoi wants, can she now hold elections for ward committees and form a standing committee, but LG VK Saxena of Delhi has nominated 10 members of the company and nominated members have the right to vote in ward committee elections. rights are also granted. The mayor has challenged LG’s decision at the Supreme Court. According to the corporation officials, a decision in this case could be made within two to three days, but it is entirely in the hands of the court. If the court’s decision is delayed and the Standing Committee is not formed until then, the people of Delhi will suffer. In such a situation, Mayor Dr. Shelly Oberoi, taking into account the public interest, should ask the company’s board to hold elections for the company’s 12 neighborhood committees and that a standing committee be formed as well.

A fierce fight may ensue between AAP and BJP

If the mayor is currently holding elections for the district committees, the question arises who from the AAP-BJP can occupy the standing committee. If the court decides that the members nominated by the LG will not vote in the elections for the district committees, then the standing committee will be directly occupied by the Aam Aadmi party. Then both the mayor and the standing committee chairman will be of AAP, but if the mayor leads the election of district committees without the decision of the court, then there may be a fierce fight between AAP and BJP in the formation of the standing committee. Then it is impossible to say which party will become chairman of the Standing Committee.

18 members of the permanent committee decide on the chairman

If the results of the election of the six members of the Standing Committee in the House of Representatives are announced, AAP-BJP will each get three seats. If nominated members vote, in elections in 12 zones, AAP gets majority in 5 and BJP in 5, while there is a possibility of a tie between the two in one zone, while in one district, congressman’s support can determine the fate of both parties being dependent. It is believed that wherever a vote goes, it will win. The result of both parties may also be contrary to expectations by cross voting, as cross voting also took place during the February 24 standing committee elections.

The results of these six members of the Standing Committee will follow.

Mo. Amil Malik (AAP), Kamaljit Sehrawat (BJP), Mohini (AAP), Raminder Kaur (AAP), Gajendra Singh Daral (BJP), Pankaj Luthra (BJP)

Sarika Chowdhary (AAP) received the fewest votes.

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