Delhi News: The eye of the opposition is on the mayor’s decision


Neighborhood committees are elected by the decision of you and the mayor

Opposition BJP councilor in wait-and-see attitude

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New Delhi. As for the election of neighborhood committees, the eyes of both the parties and the opposition are on the mayor’s decision. The councilors of the opposition BJP party are waiting, while the councilors of the ruling Aam Aadmi party say that whatever decision is made on this matter, it will only be taken by the top leadership and the mayor.

Councilors from both parties want MCD’s standing committee to be formed. On Tuesday, both sides openly expressed their agreement on this issue. BJP’s current senior councilor Shikha Roy, who was the chairman of the Standing Committee in the erstwhile Southern Corporation, said the Standing Committee should be elected at the earliest for the betterment of the people of Delhi. The mayor only needs to issue a directive for this. After this, the corporation secretariat starts the process of elections in 12 zones. He said that even though the alderman’s case is in court, but the court has not given any kind of stay in the case, so the mayor is free to make a decision. If there is a delay in making the decision on the part of the mayor, then the BJP will consider taking some concrete steps.

In this matter, Mukesh Goyal, the top council member and currently leader of the company, has reiterated the same. He said only the mayor and his party should make a decision on this issue. We all want the Standing Committee to be formed as soon as possible and the business to run smoothly for the betterment of Delhi.

decision in alderman case not possible before July

It is not possible that the court’s ruling will come before July in the LG-nominated alderman case, because there is a summer holiday at the Supreme Court from May 22 to July 2, only the holiday banks handle urgent matters. In such a situation, the decision of the mayor and his party regarding holding elections for ward committees and forming the standing committee will be important for the people of Delhi.

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