Delhi News: Surgical sterilization does not work on monkeys Delhi government informed the Supreme Court


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The Delhi government said surgical sterilization is not working on monkeys, nor are professionals coming forward to contain their threat. The government announced this in the Supreme Court on Friday. The allegation was made by the Delhi government before a bench of Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and Justice Subramaniam Prasad on a plea to obtain data from the state on centre-sanctioned funds and funds spent to curb the threat of monkeys .

The court asked petitioner Shashwat Bhardwaj to include a copy of an earlier Supreme Court order issuing certain directions to address the threat posed by monkeys. The court set the case for hearing on March 22. The petitioner has also requested the establishment of a committee composed of senior officials, wildlife experts and members of the bar association, who have campaigned extensively for animal rights, to ensure effective implementation of the Supreme Court’s directions, in particular with regard to to New Delhi.

Speaking at the hearing, Santosh Kumar Tripathi, the permanent counsel of the Delhi government, said that the state has received money from the center for this and that a tender had been launched for the hiring of monkey catchers, but no one came forward. Counsel argued that surgical sterilization of monkeys is not possible and that such efforts have been unsuccessful in many parts of the country. He said captive monkeys are given oral contraceptive pills, but these pills have their own side effects.

Response requested from the Center on the issue of employment of transgender people

The Delhi High Court on Friday asked for a response from the Center to a plea for work and quotas for transgender people in public appointments. Judge Pratibha M Singh has made the central government party to a transgender person’s plea. The petitioner has also sought effective implementation of the provisions of the Protection of Rights of Transgenders Act, 2019.

The petitioner stated that several advertised vacancies have a specific requirement regarding the gender of the candidate, be it male or female. The government counsel said steps have since been taken to update the portal and it now recognizes men, women and transgender people as options for candidates.

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