Delhi News: Sisodia accuses LG of conspiracy against Mohalla Clinic – Manish Sisodia accuses Lg of conspiracy against Mohalla Clinic

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The Delhi government has accused the officials of the finance and health departments of blocking the Mohalla Clinics system. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has also written a letter to the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi about this. This states that the responsible officials must be suspended immediately and an FIR must be registered against them, otherwise it will be proven that the Lieutenant Governor has abused the powers of the services for the benefit of the MCD elections and has wronged the people from Delhi.

At the same time, Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal also tweeted in this regard that strict action should be taken against those who stopped the Mohalla Clinics of Delhi before the MCD elections and ordered them to do so, it is treason.

Kejriwal also said that by abusing the services, the officials are forced to do anti-popular work by threatening them. Sisodia also said in his letter that the agents deliberately failed to pay the salaries of the doctors of the mohalla clinic in October-November. All tests and electricity bills stopped and rent not paid for the clinics that run in rented buildings.

This was done before the election so that the public gets mad and angry at the government and the doctors don’t work. Sisodia said the officials have said in a quiet manner that there were instructions from the lieutenant governor not to give money before the MCD elections or they would be suspended. This happened in the context of a conspiracy.

The letter goes on to say that officials from the health department and finance department kept moving the files from here to there by making one excuse or the other. Stopping the treatment of the residents of Delhi is a criminal act. If the officials who sit in the government conspire against the government elected by the people, then that is treason.

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