Delhi News: Shish tried to rape innocent sisters who came to birthday celebration


The young man was lured away, the relatives took the girls from the slum

Amar Ujala Office

New Delhi. Near Uttam Nagar, a boy next door tried to rape five and six-year-old sisters who had come with relatives for a birthday party. The suspect lured both of them and took them to the slum and molested the girls. During the search, the relatives reached the slum and retrieved the girls. After the accused youth was beaten, the relatives handed him over to the police. The police arrested the suspect by filing a case against him for molestation and under the Paxo law.

According to the police, the prosecutor said that both girls had come with their relatives to attend the birthday celebration at the aunt’s house. Both suddenly disappeared. Relatives and relatives went looking for the girls. Searching, the relatives reached the neighboring slum. Where people along with both girls caught a young man in pitiful condition. After that, people started beating the young man. When the information reached the police, the boy was in an injured condition. People handed him over to the police after calling him a suspect. The accused youth was identified as Deepak. Statement of 164 of the girls will be recorded in court.

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