Delhi News: People of the country and the world will be exposed to the education model of Delhi – People of the country and the world will be exposed to the education model of Delhi

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Now the people of the country and the world will also be exposed to the education model of Delhi. The government has decided to put the Happiness Curriculum video series live on the YouTube channel. It should air “Jeevan Vidya – A Way of Living” every Wednesday at 7:30 PM and every Sunday at 9:00 AM on YouTube channel This initiative was taken by the newly appointed Minister of Education Atishi.

Through this 36-episode series, the Education Department of the Government of Delhi will share the purpose of life and the role of education in achieving that goal with the whole world. It will also be shared with the best universities and institutes of the world and their views will be incorporated into it.

Education Minister Atishi said that Team Education has prepared a Happiness Curriculum in a short time. Through this medium, the initiative has been taken to easily bring this philosophy of life to the people at home and abroad. India’s education system has always talked about knowledge and skills, but value education is buried somewhere.

Government tries to make children capable: Atishi

Under the vision of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and under the guidance of former Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, government schools in Delhi have launched Happiness Mindset Curriculum, Entrepreneur Mindset Curriculum and Deshbhakti Curriculum to make children both capable and good people. The purpose of all this is to understand the basic purposes of life through education. Education director Himanshu Gupta said that Team Education is working to make these three curricula more comprehensive.

Employment fairs will be held all over Delhi

Minister Rajkumar Anand took stock of the work by holding a high-level meeting with senior officials from the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Land and Construction on Sunday. During this, Anand said that job fairs will be organized all over Delhi. At the same time, an awareness campaign will be conducted to increase the prevalence of the schemes among employees.

At the meeting, Anand took detailed details of the Delhi government’s plans from the officials and said that the Delhi government is determined to work towards the betterment of the workers. An awareness campaign will be launched in the coming days to widen the scope of the current schemes for employees.

The schemes carried out by the department are accelerated so that the employees can benefit from the schemes on time. During the meeting, the officers were instructed to organize labor fairs all over Delhi in the coming days to create employment opportunities on a large scale.

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