Delhi News: Master Plan Will Boost Delhi Economy – Master Plan Will Boost Delhi Economy


Capital is being developed as an IT and cyber hub

Neighborhood centers are being modernized with ease for merchants

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New Delhi. Master Plan 2041 will also boost Delhi’s economy. In this context, IT and service-oriented activities will be promoted. To this end, DDA has made provisions in the context of Masterplan-2041 to develop cyber hubs and knowledge-based industries in the capital. Similarly, the development of strategic hubs and centers is also proposed. The district centers will be further modernized to provide convenience to Delhi’s merchants.

With a view to the cyber revolution at home and abroad, the capital is being developed as an IT and cyber hub by means of DDA Masterplan-2041. In that direction, the master plan provides for nodes to be made at various locations. Similar work has just been done in NCR’s Gurugram and Noida. In both cities there are offices of major companies from India and abroad. Not only this, the young men and women of the capital are going to work in the offices of big companies in both places. DDA believes that after becoming a cyber hub, jobs will be created in the capital.

DDA has also decided to develop all industries as knowledge industries. This is how the new industrial activities become hi-tech. The facility will be made available as per the requirements of the traders. In this episode, convention centers are built in community centers and elevators are repaired and accelerators are installed.

DDA has made provisions to give cultural identity to the heritage building. It is also proposed to promote the development of cultural and entertainment centers.

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