Delhi News: Kejriwal’s question – When LG will do everything, what will the elected government do – Kejriwal Ask When LG will do everything, what will the elected government do?

सीएम अरविंद केजरीवाल

C. M. Arvind Kejriwal
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Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday took the file of the earlier Supreme Court order on the relationship between the Delhi government and the Lieutenant Governor, including the country’s Constitution, Motor Vehicles Act, GNCTD Act, School Education Act , from the Raj Niwas to the Lieutenant Governor amid the ongoing battle between the Lieutenant Governor and the Delhi government The meeting lasted an hour.

After the meeting, the prime minister said that if the lieutenant governor does everything, what will the elected government do? The Delhi government wants to work closely with the Lieutenant Governor. According to Kejriwal, the lieutenant governor said during the meeting that the Constitution Bank’s decision is the opinion of the judges and that he does not accept it. The prime minister said that when I asked him if the president can give orders to Prime Minister Modi if he is not satisfied with his work. To this LG says it is different.

In the case of Delhi, he called himself an administrator, while the Constitution Bank has a clear assignment that LG may not take any decision independently. Kejriwal said it simply means the sealing of Jasmin Shah’s office, the appointment of 10 aldermen, the appointment of the chairman, the recovery of Rs 164 crore, stopping teachers from going to Finland and closing yoga classes illegally goods.

lg keep advisor

The Chief Minister said that the LG should keep a good constitutional adviser, who would advise you that the Supreme Court’s orders are not advisory, but binding. He said LG sahab’s interference in the affairs of Delhi’s elected government is increasing day by day.

Court order shown to LG

The chief minister said that the order of the Supreme Court was shown to the LG at the meeting, in which OP Pahwa’s 1998 order is present. It is clearly written in the Motor Vehicle Act that the LG is the government of Delhi, but it is also clearly written that the LG will have to act on the advice of the elected government. LG also says that this can be its opinion.

It is not right to make cost-benefit analyses

The Prime Minister said that it is not correct to make cost-benefit analyzes in the field of teacher training. The quality of education in the schools has improved thanks to the training of teachers. We are building our children’s future and you ask what the cost-benefit analysis would be. At the same time, he said that in order to harm the Aam Aadmi party in the corporate election, all payments were stopped three months ago to halt work.

CM should not politicize every problem: LG

During the Chief Minister’s meeting with the Lieutenant Governor, the LG said that the CM should not politicize every issue and should work on the basis of the Constitution of India. He told the chief minister at the meeting that the Delhi government has done nothing about the broken and potholed roads for the past eight years. No new viaduct or underpass was built. Nothing has been done about air pollution in Delhi and the deteriorating condition of the Yamuna. No new hospital was built in Delhi. DDA had given 13 lots, but no new school building was built in eight years.

The government made no effort to create a new park green space. Nothing was done to stop the encroachment of the Yamuna floodplain. Nothing was done for the disposal of dirty water and flooding in Delhi. Never made any effort to clean the Najafgarh drain, there is corruption in Delhi government departments. Despite written objections from the Lieutenant Governors, unlawful appointments of private individuals took place. Major projects were halted in the interests of the people. Kept Satyendar Jain as minister despite serving long time in prison. The issue has also been discussed with the Prime Minister.

On the ban on sending teachers to Finland for training, the lieutenant governor said the proposal for the training program has not been rejected. Any statement to the contrary is misleading and motivated by mischief. The government has been advised to make a holistic assessment of the proposal.

The LG also accused the Delhi government of violating constitutional provisions on the nomination of members for the discomboard. At the same time, while the government is being ordered to remove everything, it has been asked to appoint the administrative officers.

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