Delhi News: Eight including national kick volleyball player caught in robbery staged many incidents for party – Eight including national kick volleyball player caught in robbery

पुलिस की गिरफ्त में आरोपी

suspect in police custody
– Photo: Amar Ujala


A group of nine boys looted several people at once in North Delhi’s Timarpur district to celebrate the birthday party of a friend’s brother. In solving the mystery of these incidents, police arrested eight, including a national-level kick volleyball player. Among them are three underage boys. The arrested suspects have been identified as kick volleyball player Ayush, his friend Saurabh, Manish Pal, Shiv Prakash and Roshan. All the boys are residents of Wazirpur. In addition to three bicycles used in the incident, the police also recovered three mobile phones and other items. The police are looking for Aryan, another suspect in the case.

Sagar Singh Kalsi, deputy police commissioner of the North District, said that on the night of March 11, mobile phones belonging to many people had been looted in the Timarpur area. Jithin Chandran, a complainant, said he is a graduate student in DU. Late at night around 2:45am, he and two of his girlfriends were roaming Lucknow Road on the Yulu e-cycle. Meanwhile, nine boys arrived riding three bicycles. These people misbehaved with him and looted his mobile. Meanwhile, Pradeep and Ram Avtar also came there to make noise. These people said that the motorcyclists also looted their mobile phones. Seeing the crowd gathering, the suspect fled from there.

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