Delhi News: Deadly attack on ITBP Jawan after collision with car – Deadly attack on Itbp Jawan after collision with car


Fatal attack on ITBP Jawan after collision with car

Cycling youths beat with sticks, decapitated by stoning

Ten stitches on Jawan’s head, the police arrested a suspect

Amar Ujala Office

New Delhi. Enraged by a car hit in the Chhawla area, two cycling youths fatally attacked an ITBP kawan. The suspect hit the jawan with sticks and pelted stones at his head. There are ten stitches in the head. On the statement of the victim, the police filed a report and arrested one of the suspects. Dalveer Singh, a resident of Ujjawa village, works at ITBP and his office is located in the CGO complex. On Friday, Dalveer Singh came home in his car after meeting an acquaintance admitted to Medanta Hospital. At Ghummanhera, his car collided with a bicycle that was overtaking. After a light collision with the bicycle, two young people who were on it started fighting with the victim. The suspect hit the victim with sticks and stones and fled after hitting him on the head with a stone.

After getting information about the incident, the police reached the scene and admitted the injured jawan to a nearby hospital. The next day, the police registered a case on the statement of the Jawan. The jawan told that the youths who attacked him are Akash and Ravi, residents of Ghummanheda. The police arrested Akash as she took action.

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