Delhi News: Crores fraud by executing tempting scheme through app – Crores fraud by executing tempting scheme through app


Tricked into carrying out a tempting plan through the app, arrested

The suspects defrauded 40 crores in seven days, the police are looking for other fraudsters

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New Delhi. Outer District Cyber ​​Cell has exposed the gang of fraudsters by carrying out a tempting scheme through the app. In the case, the police on Friday arrested the suspect Akshay Sanjay Dhanuka (32), a resident of Thane (Maharashtra), from Paschim Vihar. The accused cheated the people by promising to give daily 10% returns under the scheme. Initial investigation has revealed that Akshay cheated Rs 40 crore in seven days. The police are looking for other miscreants of the gang.

Prakash, a resident of Nangloi, complained to the outer district cyber cell that a friend of his informed him about an app called GD Fund Application. Said to get ten percent return on investment in it. The victim invested Rs 300 in the app, the next day he got 10 percent more return. He gradually increased the investment. The app has stopped working since March 1. 21 thousand criminals were taken from the victim. During the investigation, the police came to know that of the Rs 21,000 that was defrauded, Rs 6,000 went to the account of a company called Bhoomi Infratech of PNB Bank. Akshay managed this account. After a technical investigation, the police arrested the suspect on Friday.

Akshay said he handled the company’s accounting. The victims were lured daily with attractive returns of 10 percent on the app operated from abroad. The fraudsters contact the victims via Telegram and WhatsApp. The fraudsters initially offer high returns on small investments of Rs 100 to Rs 1000. After gaining the victims’ trust, they are asked to invest huge sums. After receiving more money from people, they close the app. The fraudsters who are abroad receive the money through bank accounts. The police are trying to identify the account holder with whom transactions worth Rs 40 crore have been made.


There are many rogue apps running in the Play Store

The victims said that they were victims of fraud via various apps. Police investigation revealed that the amount was deposited into the bank account of a company called Bhoomi Infratech. A transaction of Rs 40 crore took place in this account between 17 and 23 February. Money has come into the account through many apps. The police suspect that the scammers of the same gang are all scamming people by running fake apps.

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