Delhi News: Before the woman’s courage, the miscreant’s courage was defeated.


For the woman’s courage, the miscreant’s courage was defeated.

After looting the chain and wallet, the miscreants’ bike was pushed and dropped, one miscreant was caught, handed over to the police

Amar Ujala Office

New Delhi. For the courage of a woman in Jyoti Nagar area, the miscreants lost their courage. The woman pushed and dropped the bike of the miscreants who ran after looting the necklace and wallet. After catching a bastard, the woman handed him over to the police. While his other accomplice managed to escape. The arrested miscreant has been identified as Yogesh.

On February 23, Pankesh, a resident of Meet Nagar, Jyoti Nagar, was waiting for her son near Yadav Transport at 25 Foota Road. Then two miscreants came on a bicycle and tried to snatch the gold chain from the woman’s neck. In protest, a miscreant strangled her and robbed her of a gold chain. While the other miscreant looted the wallet. After committing the crime, the miscreants started running away from there. Showing courage, Pankesh chased the miscreants and pushed the miscreants’ bike a short distance and dropped them. The bastard sitting behind him fell off the bike and ran away. While catching the miscreant riding the bike. The police said that the police recovered the goods from the miscreant’s possession.

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