Delhi News: AAP’s meeting against the center on June 11


Workers will gather in Ramlila Maidan, people of Delhi are also called to participate in Maharally

Allegations – The ordinance of the center to strip away the powers of the Delhi government is an experiment and will apply nationwide

Center and Prime Minister have hijacked the rights of the people of Delhi through the Ordinance: Rai

Amar Ujala Office

New Delhi. The Aam Aadmi Party has prepared for an all-out fight against the central government’s decree. In this episode, AAP has announced to hold a mega rally at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi on June 11 during AAP consultant Arvind Kejriwal’s meeting with opposition party leaders. You say that the central government regulation is an experiment and after Delhi it will be an experiment all over the country.

Speaking to the media at the party office, Gopal Rai, the state organizer of AAP, said that in order to secure the rights of Delhi, the residents of Delhi must participate in the Maharally in maximum numbers. Said the BJP-ruled central government has taken away the rights given to the people of Delhi by the Supreme Court by issuing an ordinance. The Supreme Court gave the decision to give the elected government the right to operate the Delhi system while preserving the power of the Delhi electorate. Following this decision, the BJP central government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi hijacked the rights of the people of Delhi through an ordinance and overturned the decision of the Supreme Court judges overnight. AAP will fight against the Prime Minister’s dictatorship across the country.

He said that the democratic system of governance in the country only works under the constitution. The central government and the state governments are given powers only according to the constitution. The constitution is very clear about what powers the elected government in Delhi will have and what powers the lieutenant governor will have, but the central government has created a deadlock by issuing a notice. He said that the Aam Aadmi party has decided to campaign against this ordinance along with the people of Delhi.

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