Delhi: Mother-daughter fell down stairs by snarling monkey on roof, girl dies

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A heartbreaking incident has emerged in Sangam Vihar. Suddenly a monkey came on the roof of a house and started growling at the mother-daughter. The mother took the daughter in her arms and ran to avoid the monkey, but fell down the stairs. As a result, mother Babita Devi and daughter Muskan (6) were seriously injured. Both were taken to hospital, where doctors pronounced Muskaan dead.

The family of carpenter Vinod Ki lives in H-16/1948 Sangam Vihar. The woman sat on the terrace around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday with a smile. Suddenly the monkey came on the roof. When Babita tried to chase him away, he started growling. This scared Babita Devi and ran away with Muskaan. When Muskaan started falling down the stairs, Babita tried to save her, but both couldn’t keep their balance and were seriously injured. The family members took them both to Jamia Hamdard, where doctors pronounced Muskaan dead.

Muskaan had many head injuries. Babita was sent home after treatment. After receiving the information, ASI Sunil’s team started the investigation under the supervision of Sangam Vihar Police Station Chief Saroj Tiwari. The investigation revealed that the mother-daughter ran after seeing the monkey and the accident happened after a fall. However, Babita and Muskan were initially said to have jumped from the first floor to escape the monkey.

Father, where did sister go, call…

Father Vinod’s tears flowed every time Mohit, the younger brother of innocent smile, asked this question to his father. The same was the case with Muskaan’s mother Babita. This time Muskaan had demanded a big pichkari on Holi. Vinod just said this while crying, “Once aja aaja tumko badka pichkari dilayenge.”

The death of the only daughter has deeply broken Vinod and his wife Babita. Babita fainted from crying. The relatives tried to tackle him. Vinod, originally a resident of Begusarai in Bihar, said the marriage took place in the year 2015. Smile was born a year later. After the birth of the daughter, Vinod’s work also started to take off. Later, two sons Mohit and Himanshu were also born to the couple. Mohit is currently four and a half years old while Himanshu is three and a half years old.

shade weeds in the house

Muskaan was a grade I student at a nearby public school. He was at work at the time of the accident. He got a call from the neighbor. He said sister-in-law and Muskaan were injured. Neighbors Ballu and Geeta Devi had taken the mother-daughter duo to Majidia Hospital even before he reached it. The daughter’s death was announced on arrival at the hospital. The girl child’s last rituals were performed at the cremation ground in Dakshinpuri. The family prepared to celebrate Holi, but now there is mourning in the house.

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