Delhi Mcd: ‘Darbar’ Will Be Held Again Today For Standing Committee Election, All Chances Of Upset – Standing Committee Election In Delhi Municipal Corporation Will Be Held Again Today

BJP Vs AAP: सदन में हंगामा करते पार्षद

Alderman causes a commotion in the house on Wednesday evening.
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Elections will be held again today for the standing committee in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. There is a chance of upheaval. The voting process, which began Wednesday evening, could not be completed until the following morning. Yesterday morning, the House was adjourned until Friday after ruckus and scuffles overnight. Now the court is decorated again today. BJP demands re-vote for Standing Committee.

Following the election of the mayor and deputy mayor of the Delhi Municipal Corporation, the standing committee election was stalled on Wednesday night due to the uproar. Aam Aadmi party and BJP councilors kicked and punched each other and threw water bottles into the House during the Standing Committee elections. Mayor Shaili Oberoi has alleged that BJP corporators have also attacked her. The work of the House continued intermittently with rioting until midnight.

Senior AAP leader Saurabh Bhardwaj said the session will not end without the standing committee elections. Even if the house continues for several days. The Standing Committee will also consist of you. The Supreme Court has ordered that the election of mayor, deputy mayor and six members of the Standing Committee be held at the first meeting itself. However, when the tumult did not stop even on Thursday morning, the House’s proceedings were adjourned until Friday.

how the whole controversy started

Actually, in the election of mayor, deputy mayor, there was a ban on bringing cell phones with the members while voting. All members followed it too. Both elections were peaceful. But this cell phone was only allowed in the Standing Committee and then the whole commotion started. After this, the mayor suspended the work of the Chamber for an hour and said that as soon as he returns, he will start the election of the Standing Committee, but after a delay of about two hours, the mayor returned to the chairman. In doing so, the councilors recited Hanuman Chalisa in the house and also sang patriotic songs. Jai Shri Ram, Jai Bajrang Bali were sung in the house. BJP councilor Shikha Rai questioned company secretary Bhagwan Singh that mayor Ms return to her seat, she has been missing for two hours. After about ten minutes, the mayor returned to the chair.

As soon as he returned to the House, the mayor said that no member should put a stamp on the ballot paper for the election of the Standing Committee, but that he should vote by writing 1, 2, 3 on the ballot paper for the candidate of his choice. Apart from this, if a member writes anything else on the ballot, his vote will be invalid. The mayor said the election of six members of the standing committee would be completed in an hour and a half and cell phones would be allowed during the vote. BJP councilors oppose this.

Accused of taking a photo of the ballot paper

The BJP corporators alleged that the Aam Aadmi party corporators clicked pictures of the ballots after casting their votes and unrest in the House increased. The mayor appealed to members for a peaceful vote. He said that the alderman who causes a commotion will be thrown out of the house. The mayor said that the decision not to wear the cellphone in the morning has damaged the dignity of many people, so he gave permission to wear the cellphone.

The secretary of the corporation told the mayor the rules

Corporation Secretary Bhagwan Singh told the mayor that mobile is not allowed while voting. After this, the mayor refused to vote mobile, till then 45 votes had been cast, but BJP councilors said that the councilors who had previously voted mobile should be declared illegal. The mayor said that is not possible. Earlier, the councilors who were given ballots to vote should return them, but even after asking them to return the ballots by including the names of many councilors, the councilors were unwilling to return the ballots. After the tumult of the whole night, the tumult continued in the Chamber in the morning, when the mayor adjourned the sessions of the Chamber until tomorrow.

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