Delhi Mayor Election: Why Delhi Mayor Election Doesn’t Go On, What Will Change After Supreme Court Order? – Delhi Mayor Election: Row about Delhi Mayor election and case in Supreme Court, watch timeline

दिल्ली मेयर चुनाव

delhi mayoral election


The Supreme Court issued a major injunction on Friday amid the ongoing battle over Delhi mayoral elections. The country’s highest court ruled that nominees were not allowed to vote in the mayoral elections. The court has ordered that the convocation for the first meeting of the company must be made within 24 hours. In the order, the court also said that the mayor must be elected at the corporation’s first meeting. After the election of the mayor, the deputy mayor and the members of the standing committee are elected under the chairmanship of the mayor. The Aam Aadmi Party has declared this court order as its victory. The Chief Minister of Delhi tweeted and wrote: Supreme Court order is a victory for democracy.

Let us know about the controversy about the election of mayor in Delhi MCD? What has the Supreme Court said today in its decision? What were the results of the MCD election? What were the previously set dates for the mayoral election and what happened? How did the case get to the Supreme Court?

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