Delhi Mayor Election: Corporation adjourned indefinitely without electing mayor

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Delhi mayor election
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The vote for the position of mayor could not be held at the Municipal Corporation of Delhi on Tuesday. The controversy that started over the first swearing-in of the nominated members again turned into slogans and protests between the BJP-AAP corporations. BJP councilors raised slogans of Jai Shri Ram in the House. BJP councilor Ramkishore Sharma, who won against Shakarpur, quoted slogans of ‘Bageshwar Dham Sarkar’ and ‘Pandit Dhirendra Krishna Shastri’.

Amidst heavy security, the procedure of the Municipal Society began with the signing of the corporators who were not allowed to sign the Golden Book even after taking the oath in the previous meeting. The other aldermen were then sworn in. After this, the presiding officer took the oath of all elected members according to ward numbers.

But from the very beginning of the proceedings, slogans began in the company. Councilors from the Aam Aadmi party have claimed that the BJP wants to secure the position of mayor by allowing the nominated members to vote. At the same time, BJP leader Kamaljit Shehrawat claimed that Aam Aadmi party councilors have no confidence in their party’s mayoral candidate. As a corporation, you can vote for another candidate based on your conscience. He has claimed that the Aam Aadmi Party, knowing this fact, is putting unnecessary hurdles in the election of the mayor.

damage to the public interest

The people of Delhi face the direct loss of being unable to agree on the post of mayor between the BJP and Aam Aadmi party. The activities of the Municipal Society have been halted. Because they are not given the right to work, the newly elected councilors cannot do development work in their area. The work of the Municipal Society has been at a standstill for more than eight to nine months.

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