Delhi Mayor Election: Bjp Monkey War Postponed Just Two Months, Know Why They Will Meet Again In April

AAP's Shelly Oberoi defeats BJP's Rekha Gupta to become Delhi mayor

AAP’s Shelly Oberoi defeats BJP’s Rekha Gupta to become mayor of Delhi
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Finally, after the intervention of the Supreme Court, the United Municipal Corporation of Delhi got its first mayor. In Wednesday’s elections, Aam Aadmi party candidate Shaili Oberoi received 150 votes, while defeated BJP candidate Rekha Gupta received 116 votes. But this war between Aam Aadmi Party and BJP has only been postponed for up to two months. According to the rules of the municipal corporation, re-election will have to be held in the month of April for the next mayor’s post and this could lead to another war between the two major parties.

Delhi may have a new mayor, but he won’t have much to do. The term of office of the new mayor Shelly Oberoi will be a maximum of two months. The budget of the Municipal Society has already been adopted. The company has an estimated budget of about 17 thousand, which has already been decided. Considering the G-20 event, if the Central-Delhi government gives a new budget to the company, the company can certainly take the initiative to establish it.

Under the rules of the corporation, the second mayor is elected from the general category. In this way, each person as the next mayor, along with a woman or a person belonging to the scheduled caste, can be given the responsibility of the position of mayor. To ensure that these elections are only held in two months, both parties have already started preparations at their respective levels.

what can you do

Now that the command of the municipal corporation has passed to the Aam Aadmi party, almost the entire administration of Delhi has joined it. Now Arvind Kejriwal’s government can enhance its image among the people of Delhi by implementing its plans in a better way. Delhi’s Education Minister Manish Sisodia has repeatedly spoken of taking control of Delhi’s primary education system so that children can have a better education system. By making this successful effort, they can now manage to gain more ground support for their popular plans among voters.

Political interests will also be screwed

Before the municipal elections, the Aam Aadmi party alleged massive corporate corruption during the 15 years of BJP rule. Now that the management of the company has come into her hands, she can try to get the BJP on the floor by discussing those plans on the floor of the house.

However, Jagdish Mamgain, an expert on municipal affairs, told Amar Ujala that the company’s board is mainly dominated by the company’s commissioner and other administrative officers. Councilors are prominent in conducting business in their area, but civil servants dominate policy decisions. Therefore, she cannot blame the BJP for any work done in the past. The Aam Aadmi party is given the opportunity to put the Commissioner in the dock by discussing his work in the Corporation House. But since she has to run the house for the next five years, she will avoid creating hurdles in the functioning of the company by angering senior officials. So he won’t have much choice.

no major break-in

It was said that the BJP tried to get its mayor elected by breaking into Aam Aadmi Party and Congress councilors, but the election results show that its attempt has been unsuccessful. However, it has issued a warning to other parties by allowing one Aam Aadmi party and one congressman to vote for them.

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