Delhi: Many unemployed cheated by fake training center in name of Home Ministry, three arrested including kingpin – Unemployed cheated by fake training center, three arrested

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The crime department on behalf of the Ministry of Home Affairs has apprehended a gang running a fake training center in Jafarpur Kalan village and arrested 3 vicious people including the key figure. On behalf of the Home Office’s Criminal Intelligence Department (DCI), the gang has worked as agents and office assistants etc. for the unemployed. Photos of the president and prime minister, tricolor and many files were found in the fake training center, on which the Ministry of the Interior is written.

Police arrested mastermind Ashish Chowdhary (27), a resident of Gurugram, on the spot. On his tip, Govind Kaushik (33) of Ashok Nagar and Amit Kumar (34) of Surajkund Faridabad were arrested. The gang has deceived 25 to 30 young men and women so far. Police uniform, false letter of appointment was also found in the center.

used to charge five lakhs

The gang told unemployed youths that the DCI department falls under the Department of the Interior. This is a secret department, so no one knows about it. Kingpin Ashish named himself DCI’s DSP and Amit as Sub-Inspector. Apart from extorting money in the name of getting a job, the gang extorted money under the pretext of promotion and posting in Delhi. Five lakh rupees were raised by calling for training at the center.

The tenth failed kingpin used to lecture to the educated

Ashish Chowdhary, the leader of the gang that runs a mock training center in the village of Jafarpur Kalan on behalf of the Ministry of Home Affairs, is not even 10th pass. When the Crime Branch team raided the center, Ashish was found there teaching 11 young men and women.

Special Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch, Ravindra Singh Yadav said that ACP Rajkumar had received information that Ashish was leading a gang in the name of getting a job. He runs a fake training center on Rawta-Dauala Road, Jafarpur Kalan. Under the supervision of ACP, the team of Inspector Abhijeet Kumar, ASI Randhir, ASI Krishna and wife ASI Narendra Kaur raided the mock center. At that time, Ashish was lecturing 10 youths and a girl at the center. Initially, Ashish described himself as DCI’s DSP working under the Home Office. But when questioned rigorously by Inspector Abhijeet Kumar, he told the truth. He told the team that he didn’t even study up to 10th standard. In the past, the gang only victimized the children of their acquaintances.

The gang was active since 2021

Ashish Chowdhary was leading this gang from the year 2021. He had rented the training center in the year 2022. They told the interns who came to the center that they were hired for a secret mission. DCI is the Intelligence Service of the Ministry of the Interior. When telling something to someone, they threatened to quit the job. Ashish always called himself the best undercover agent in the government. The trainees were also given fake ID cards.

items taken from the center

Three lakh rupees from fake training center, police uniform, fake file cover written by Ministry of Home Affairs, fake papers and letters, fake call-up letter, letter of appointment, name tag, department logo, laptop, computer, color printer, two wireless sets, cordless telephone, false 16 identity cards, etc. recovered.

used to cook food

The deployment of the trainees would take place in the Northern Block. All were held in the center from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. They were made to cook food in reference to job demand. It also stood in the sun for hours. All of everyone’s social media accounts have also been deleted.

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