Delhi: Man convicted of murder after being stabbed 16 times

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A Delhi session court has sentenced a man accused of killing a man by stabbing him 16 times in mutual enmity. In this incident, which took place in 2017, the minor son of the deceased testified. The case is pending in court. The sentence could be determined at the next hearing of the case on January 17.

In Okhla Phase-3, Balkaran attacked Yadav Khushiram 16 times with a knife and badly injured him. He was taken to hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead. In sentencing in the case, Judge Sachin Sangwan last week convicted Balkaran of the offense under Section 302 (Murder) of the Indian Penal Code.

The court said that the family of the deceased did not name Yadav as the killer in the call to the police, it does not mean they did not recognize him. It rejected Yadav’s counsel’s argument, saying the victim’s minor son was an eyewitness to the incident.

The court states that a witness’s statement must be evaluated taking into account age, social background, education, profession and other aspects. It should be noted that the eyewitness was a teenager. On the suspect’s motive, the court noted that a case had already been registered under POCSO law against Yadav for allegedly assaulting the deceased’s daughter.

After the case was registered, the suspect threatened to kill Ram and the underage daughter. Subsequently, another complaint was filed against him. There is strong forensic evidence against Yadav, as well as eyewitness testimony. Scientific evidence also proves the guilt of the accused.

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