Delhi: Loss of 22 lakhs to the company due to house meeting commotion, MCD prepares to compensate

MCD Mayor Election file pic

MCD Mayor Election File photo


The company has suffered a loss of about Rs 22 lakh due to sabotage at the first meeting of the house on January 6 for the election of mayor. MCD prepared its design and sent it to the LG office. At the same time, top MCD officials say that, based on the video of the uproar in the Chamber, preparations are being made to mark the councilors and compensate them for the loss.

MCD Secretary Bhagwan Singh said the furnishings in Aruna Asaf Ali Auditorium, located on the fourth floor of Civic Center A Block, are very expensive. The price of the microphone is very good here. The chairs and other furniture are of good quality. All furniture is installed for the members of the company to sit. Many goods have been damaged by the vandalism during the commotion causing a loss of around Rs 22 lakh.

no councilor without taking an oath

At the first meeting of the House, convened on January 6 after the MCD elections, the councilors who had won the elections from the Aam Aadmi Party and the BJP caused a stir and then smashed it. These members have not yet been sworn in and are therefore not yet official council members.

Under DMC law, the mayor has the right to take action against the council members in the residence. The mayor can suspend the council members who cause a ruckus for the next one or two meetings. But neither the oath of the members nor the election of the mayor has been done yet. Therefore, the company has left the decision of what action to take against these newly elected councilors to the LG office itself.

There is a chance of upheaval in the January 24 meeting

The Corporation anticipates uproar at the next House meeting on Jan. 24. Both Aam Aadmi Party and BJP stick to the old issue. On the other hand, there are some councilors from both parties who are in favor of allowing the House to meet peacefully so that the mayor, deputy mayor and six members of the Standing Committee can be elected.

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