Delhi Liquor Scam: Some Major AAP Leaders On CBI’s Radar In Punjab! Delhi Liquor Scam: Some Major Leaders Of Aap On Cbi’s Radar In Punjab Liquor Policy

Delhi Liquor Scam- Manish Sisodia

Delhi Liquor Scam – Manish Sisodia
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CBI and ED have many important clues in the case of Delhi’s liquor tax policy. The heat of the ongoing investigation in this case has now started to reach the leadership of Punjab. According to sources, many major leaders associated with the Punjab Aam Aadmi Party have entered the radar of both major investigative agencies. More arrests are expected as soon as there is concrete evidence. However, last year ED raided some of Punjab’s major officials. Punjab leaders have demanded from the CBI to extend the investigation of excise policy in Delhi to Punjab.

Many big people on track in Punjab excise policy

Politics is hot after the arrest of Delhi’s deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia. Particularly in the politics of Delhi and Punjab, there was already speculation about the arrest of major leaders of the Aam Aadmi party. If we are to believe sources related to research firms, many big people are on track in Delhi excise policy and Punjab excise policy. When the statements of the arrested people were scrutinized along with the call-up details of major leaders of other states, including some of the major leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab, major revelations came to light. Sources connected to the agency say the way the people arrested in the Delhi Excise Policy are continuously interrogated seems to connect many links. Although those involved in the connection links will be arrested or summoned for questioning, the sources connected to the investigative services did not want to say anything at this time.

Sources connected to the investigation agency say that the persons already detained in this case have made a written statement in the presence of the investigating judge. According to those statements, the great leaders of Delhi and Punjab are in the grip of Delhi’s excise policy. Sources also say that the arrest of Manish Sisodia in this case is currently considered the first major arrest. According to sources, due to the way the ED Manish Sisodia is constantly interrogating in prison, the investigative services are expected to get something big. However, senior officials are still avoiding to say anything about what the next course of action will be on this matter. But sources with ties to the agency investigating the case say there could be more major arrests in the case very soon. There may also be some leaders associated with Punjab in this.

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