Delhi: Leftist students watch banned series even after ban, respond to JNU message, want to know script – Delhi leftist students watch banned series even after ban

वामपंथी छात्रों ने देखी प्रतिबंधित सीरीज

Leftist students watched the banned series
– Photo: Amar Ujala


A section of students on the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) University (JNU) campus in Delhi watched the screening of the government-banned ‘India: The Modi Question’ late Tuesday evening on mobile phones despite a ban by the administration. A group of students on the campus lawn shared the said series with each other on mobile phones. When notified by the JNU administration, these students have responded that they want to know what it was like in this series? That’s why the government had to ban it.

Students and university administration are at odds over the screening of the government-banned “India: The Modi Question” at JNU campus. The JNU administration on Monday evening warned students of disciplinary action for viewing the screening of the banned film. After this, the students responded to the summons of the university board on Tuesday evening. In it, the students asked three questions to the university board. Firstly, should the university administration say where in the JNU law it says that if a film is shown, it is against the rules? Second, the JNU board should tell where in the deed it says that permission from the university board is needed to watch a movie and third, based on what act did the board send this message to the students?

In the end, the students wrote that all students who were present came to watch of their own free will. It was not our intention to hurt or hurt anyone’s feelings. Our goal was only to know the script of the film, which is why it has been banned. The central government last week banned the British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) documentary series “India: The Modi Question”.

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