Delhi: IRS officer arrested for molesting IAS officer, taken into custody for one day – Delhi: IRS officer arrested for molesting IAS officer

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Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer Sohail Malik has been arrested by police for molesting and threatening a female Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer. The suspect reached the female officer’s office and began threatening her. The Sansad Marg police station registered a case and arrested the accused Sohail late Thursday night.

According to the police, Sohail was brought before the court on Friday, from where he was taken into pre-trial detention for a day. Deputy Police Commissioner Pranav Tayal has remained silent on the matter. At the same time, a top official said that the victim’s wife had come into contact with the suspect during Corona. But now wanted to stop talking to him.

The suspect reached his office on Thursday and threatened him. When she reported to the police, the suspect threatened to withdraw the case by sending perfume to the officer’s house at night. After reporting again, the police arrested the suspect. His laptop and other items from his office were also seized. The accused officer has been posted as a deputy director in Delhi.

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