Delhi: Instructions To Increase Water Availability In Every House, Orders To Prepare Chandrawal Plant For December – Delhi: Instructions To Increase Water Availability In Every House

अरविंद केजरीवाल, सीएम, दिल्ली

Arvind Kejriwal, C. M., Delhi
– Photo: Amar Ujala


Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal met with Water Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj, Forestry Minister Gopal Rai, Chief Secretary and senior officials of the concerned department at the camp office on Wednesday to provide clean and abundant water to every household. In doing so, he placed particular emphasis on increasing the availability of water and making optimum use of water. In addition, instructions were given to complete the ongoing work of Delhi Jal Board in this direction before the stipulated time.

On this occasion, Kejriwal said time-bound work needs to be done to make full use of available water near Delhi and stop its wastage. All tubewells must be operational, installation of new tubewells must be performed quickly and defective tubewells must be repaired within 24 hours. To increase the availability of water, work on a new sewage treatment plant must be completed soon. At the same time, he has asked for a plan to purify the ammonia present in the water coming from Haryana within a week.

Apart from this, he directed the first secretary to work with the DDA to solve the land-related problem. He said that tubewells should be installed within six months of being landed and that all tubewells installed should have the work of installing a water flow meter completed quickly to avoid wasting water on UGR. He ordered that all wells be in working order and that the water available from them be supplied. Action must be taken against the affected technician in the event that a defective tubewell is not repaired for four days.

An ammonia removal plant is being built in Wazirabad

The Chief Minister said that an ammonia removal plant would be set up in Wazirabad. The full plan must be drawn up and presented within a week. From here, water is supplied to the VIP area. This should be addressed with priority. He said if there is ammonia in the water from Haryana then it should be cleaned. Water supply should not be stopped due to ammonia.

At the same time, he ordered to upgrade Kondli STP. He said water should also be provided from Kondli STP to Sanjay lake and parks. In the next three months, when Rithala STP will also be ready, water can be brought from there to Iradatnagar and DDA’s Dead Lake. Apart from this, water also needs to be supplied to other lakes including Bhalswa and the water body needs to be replenished.

Orders to complete Chandrawal factory in December

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal visited the under construction 105 MGD water treatment plant in Chandrawal on Wednesday. During this, the Chief Minister expressed displeasure with the progress not being made within the set time limit. He ordered the agency to submit a detailed plan within 24 hours to complete the project by December.

He said that with the start of this plant, 22 lakh people in Delhi will have clean water at home. The factory in Chandrawal will be completely upgraded and made new. Upon completion of the project, the capacity will be 105 MGD. Currently there is about 90 MGD capacity. The Prime Minister ordered the concerned officials to immediately increase the staff and machinery at the site and leave no room for laxity. He is an engineer himself and understands how work is done on a project site.

They do not tolerate errors on the part of the contractor. He expressed dissatisfaction with the existing system and also ordered that facilities for ammonia treatment be included in the plant. He asked the officials to work with experts to set up a system that can treat the ammonia present in the water.

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