Delhi: Important decision by the Directorate of Education, now students who commit violence in schools are expelled

Delhi Directorate of Education

Delhi Directorate of Education


Students who indulge in violence at government and government-aided schools in Delhi will be expelled. Apart from this, he won’t even get access anymore. The Education Directorate took this decision in view of the increasing violence in schools.

On behalf of the Director of Education, instructions have also been given to the directors of state schools and state schools. Last week, a class XII student at a government school in Indrapuri attacked a physical education teacher with a knife. The teacher was seriously injured in the incident. Last week, the management asked all those involved (teachers, students and parents) for suggestions to prevent such incidents.

The Directorate of Education has received suggestions from everyone, after which it has been decided that the school director can take disciplinary measures against the student in all these cases. The instructions sent to the school administrators state that in case of violent activity, the student must be expelled from school immediately. Do not re-admit him to the school. It may also be decided to expel the student for admission to another school. If this happens, the student will not be admitted to another school until the expulsion period is over.

Disciplinary action, such as expulsion, will be taken in extreme cases involving a serious crime where detention of a student at school for longer could endanger the life safety of student staff. The instructions clarified that such action should not be taken without giving the student’s parents a reasonable opportunity to raise reasons against the proposed action. In such cases, the first appellate body is the DDE zone, while the second appellate body is the DDE district. The director of education retains the authority to review all such decisions.

Schools were instructed to set up disciplinary committees

According to the director of education, there is a danger to the safety of students and teachers due to violent incidents at school. The principal has also asked for a disciplinary committee to be set up in each school. It will be chaired by the school principal, while the vice principal of the school, the senior teacher of the school, the class teacher and the EVG advisor will be included as members.

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