Delhi: ICC and UNICEF will empower girls through cricket, ‘Amar Ujala’ media partner in the campaign

यूनिसेफ मुख्यालय में जानकारी देते रिचर्ड बीटन...

Richard Beaton Briefing at UNICEF Headquarters…
– Photo: Amar Ujala


The International Cricket Council (ICC) and UNICEF have launched a campaign to empower women and girls and promote gender equality through cricket.

On Wednesday, Richard Beaton, head of UNICEF India’s Resource Mobilization and Partnerships Division, briefed on his campaign. He informed that an action plan has been prepared for the Women’s T20 Cricket World Cup to be held in Africa from February 10 and the Men’s Cricket World Cup to be held in India in October-November.

In this UNICEF campaign, ‘Amar Ujala’ will play the role of media partner. Richard Beaton said that the Indian team led by Shefali Verma has won the ICC Under-19 Women’s T20 World Cup. After this, a better performance from India is also expected from Friday in the Women’s T20 Cricket World Cup. The hashtag @champion will be heavily promoted during this tournament.

Girls will be encouraged to participate in sports through the players involved in the tournament. He said people’s craze about cricket in India is obvious to the world. But even today there is some hesitation among parents to send their daughters to sports. That is why UNICEF has drawn up a plan to motivate girls and their parents to take up sports through cricket throughout the country.

Captains and other players of cricket teams from around the world are associated with this joint campaign by ICC and UNICEF and are being taken from them to encourage girls to take up sports. These messages will be conveyed to the masses through various media. UNICEF staff member Gitanjali said that here players learn basic things like batting, bowling and fielding.

They will be exposed to topics such as leadership, problem solving, self-esteem, negotiation, empathy, decision making, teamwork and goal setting. Sonia Sarkar and Alka from UNICEF also attended the occasion.

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