Delhi High Court: Kuldeep Singh’s Interim Bail Change, Sengar Gets Out of Jail Twice, Know Why Change Happened – Delhi High Court Kuldeep Singh’s Interim Bail Change

कुलदीप सिंह सेंगर (फाइल)

Kuldeep Singh Sengar (File)
– Photo: Amar Ujala


Delhi High Court slapped Kuldeep Singh Sengar. The court amended its earlier provisional bail order and ordered Sengar to surrender after the daughter’s tilak ceremony. The Supreme Court said Sengar should be released on provisional bail again before his daughter’s wedding. The court had previously ordered Sengar’s release on provisional bail for two weeks.

Kuldeep Singh Sengar has come out of Tihar Jail. Sengar is granted parole to attend his daughter’s wedding. At the same time, the Delhi High Court has changed the terms of Sengar’s provisional bail. Sengar has now been released from prison twice on provisional bail. The Supreme Court said Sengar would first be held free on bail from January 27 to 30. After this, from February 6 to February 10, he will be released for the second time. The Delhi High Court said Sengar should surrender on January 30 and then be released on provisional bail on February 6. The court issued this order at the request of the victim.

The Delhi High Court was informed on Friday morning that Sengar has been released from Tihar Jail on provisional bail. After this, it amended the warrant regarding the provisional bail granted to Sengar at the request of the victim. The victim had requested in her petition that Sengar’s early bail be canceled and said she and her family were in danger.

A bench of Justices Mukta Gupta and Poonam A Bamba ordered Sengar to surrender to prison authorities on February 1. His daughter’s tilak ceremony is on January 30. The bench said Sengar would be released from prison again on provisional bail on February 6 and he would have to surrender again on February 10. His daughter’s wedding will take place on February 8. Earlier on January 16, the court had ordered the release of Sengar on provisional bail from January 27 to February 10 in view of his daughter’s marriage.

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