Delhi Hc: Process Change For Agneepath And Recruitment Delay Due To Covid, Government Responds To Petitioners – Agnipath Scheme Process Change For Agneepath And Recruitment Delay Due To Covid

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Delhi Supreme Court
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The central government told the Delhi High Court that the reason for the delay caused by the Agneepath plan was the change in procedure and Covid. Prashant Bhushan, counsel for petitioners, said that the government has not only halted all recruitments in June 2021, but in some cases continued in the months of August 2021 and early 2022. The shortlisted candidates whose list was issued had two and one wait half a year. To this, the Supreme Court asked, the candidates who passed the exam are waiting. Why was their process not completed? How are you going to answer this?

Additional Solicitor General of the Central Government Aishwarya Bhati said that in June 2011 the decision to change the procedure was taken at the highest level. From that moment on, the government wanted big changes. At the same time, the Navy cannot halt its recruiting process as it may affect its efficiency and combat readiness. There is a difference between the navy and the rest of the armed forces. He made changes to the recruiting. There was also a delay due to Covid. Also said, the right of recruitment is not given upon selection. Desk

this is the plan

In the Agneepath scheme released on 14 June 2022, young people aged 17 to 21 were given the opportunity to join the army for 4 years. After this period, 25 percent were allowed to remain in regular service. There were demonstrations against this in many states, the government raised the maximum age limit to 23 years in the year 2022 when recruiting.

opponent’s argument

The salary of ‘Agniveer’s’ is lower than that of regular agents. The tasks of both are similar.

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