Delhi Hc: In Case of Compensation to Family of Soldier Killed in Corona Service, Government Seek Response

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The Supreme Court has taken a tough stance on the issue of delaying the cabinet decision of the Delhi government on the Rs one crore compensation claim by the family of a Delhi police officer who was killed in the line of duty as a result of the Corona epidemic. The court has clearly said that it is not appropriate to block the decision of the Cabinet of the Government of Delhi.

The court said that the police officers’ report, the tweets of the Chief Minister and the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi at the time left no doubt that the 28-year-old officer had lost his life due to the Corona epidemic while he was employed. . The next hearing in the case is on March 2. Justice Pratibha Maninder Singh said that prima facie it was not appropriate to withhold judgment or ask for clarification. The matter should be presented to the group of ministers and a decision should be taken before the next hearing. The petitioner’s husband passed away on 5 March 2020. She was pregnant at the time.

The agent was placed in Deep Chand Bandhu Hospital to comply with the lockdown due to the Corona pandemic. The court had asked the authorities last December to decide on the payment of Rs 1 crore in compensation to the soldier’s family. In December 2022, the Supreme Court had asked the authorities to make a decision on the payment of Rs 1 crore compensation to the family of the agent who died of Covid, saying that the Delhi government should not shy away from the clear announcement of ex – gratia. .

The court cannot decide on the purchase of equipment in hospitals

The Delhi High Court said the courts cannot decide on the purchase of equipment in hospitals as it is a matter of policy. However, the Court noted that India has made progress in providing medical facilities with the latest technologies and qualified professionals at an affordable price. A division bench of Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and Judge Subramaniam Prasad rejected the PIL filed by Parminder Singh. were sought to ensure the availability of video laryngoscopes in the health system to manage difficult intubation systems. The court called the petition misconceived and said Singh has not provided any records that the lack of a video laryngoscope has led to several failures resulting in patient deaths. The Court noted that the petitioner has only been used as a cover by the manufacturers of video laryngoscopes who want to promote their products.

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