Delhi: Four Al Qaeda Terrorists Sentenced To More Than Seven Years, Delhi Police Indicted – Four Al Qaeda Terrorists Sentenced To More Than Seven Years

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A court has sentenced four terrorists from Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), an arm of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, to more than seven years for conspiring to carry out terrorist activities across the country and recruiting terrorists for the organization.

Special Judge Sanjay Khangwal sentenced Maulana Mohammad Abdul Rehman Qasmi, Mohammad Asif, Zafar Masood and Abdul Sami to seven years and five months in prison. Counsel for the convicts said that the convicts have already spent about seven years and three months in prison and that this period will be considered part of the sentence.

The crimes proven by the Public Prosecution Service carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. Earlier on Friday, the special judge acquitted two other AQIS terrorists, Syed Mohammad Zeeshan Ali and Sabeel Ahmed, in the case.

The special cell of the Delhi Police had alleged that Qasmi used to run a madrassa in Uttar Pradesh where he tried to radicalize the students studying there for terrorist activities. At the same time, Masood propagated the terrorist agenda of AQIS among the youth and urged them to join the terrorist organization.

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