Delhi: Five arrested for cheating millions of rupees in the name of getting a visa, African citizens lead the gang

गिरफ्त में आरोपी...

Accused in custody…
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A gang of fraudsters in the name of obtaining visas for many countries, including Dubai, has been apprehended by the Central District cyber police. Police have arrested five suspects from Bareilly and Delhi in this regard. Some African citizens controlled the gang, who are currently away from the police.

After preliminary investigation, the police have come to know from the records of four bank accounts that these people have defrauded more than 1.25 crore from more than 200 people in a few days. The police are trying to reach the main suspect by taking the arrested suspect into custody.

The arrested suspects have been identified as Deepak Kumar Prajapati (23), Aashiq Baig (37), Sajid (28), Asib Khan (38), residents of Bareilly and Sonu Kumar (26), residents of Delhi. Police recovered eight mobile phones, four debit cards, three passbooks, three checkbooks, one Aadhaar card and eight Aadhaar card change of address forms from the suspect. The police are investigating the case by questioning the suspect.

Sanjay Kumar Sen, Deputy Police Commissioner of the Central District, said Dr. Vinay Singh of Maulana Azad Medical College filed a complaint in October 2022 alleging cheating on the National Cyber ​​Crime Recording Portal (NCRP).

The victim said he needed a visa for Dubai. For this, he took the number of a reputable company with the help of Google. When the defendant, posing as representatives of a well-known company, spoke to the number received from there, he asked the victim to deposit US $1750 (approximately 1.39 lakh) into the bank account. The victim was paid 50 thousand rupees into the specified account. Then he received an email. But later, the suspects turned off their mobile phones. Apart from this, the email ID from which the email was received also bounced back. Upon awareness of the fraud, a report was made to the police. After investigation, the police filed a report and started looking for the suspect.

Citizens of African descent lead the gang

During the interrogation, the suspect said that the job of these people is to open the account and hand it over to the suspect. They keep the defrauded amount with them, in return they receive a nice amount. Aashiq Baig finds such people, whose documents are confiscated and bank accounts opened in their name. Most bank accounts are opened at addresses in Delhi. Sajid made arrangements to change the address on the Aadhaar card. Sonu Kumar changed the address based on Aadhaar without any verification. Apart from this, Asib Khan made available the already opened accounts for African citizens. The Central District Police are investigating the case by questioning the arrested suspect.

Account in Deepak’s name, used to operate Aashiq

First of all, it was traced to which account the amount was transferred. Based on that, the police team reached Bareilly. The bank account was in the name of a person named Deepak Kumar Prajapati. He had been arrested. During the interrogation, Deepak said that he had the account opened at the behest of a young man named Ashiq. He is not the one who manages the account, he gets money in return. The police team has caught Ashiq Baig from Bareilly. After this, police picked up Sajid Asib Khan and Sonu from Delhi one by one. During the interrogation, the suspect accepted the issue of cheating.

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