Delhi: Fear of attacks by Khalistan supporters on foreign guests takes Prime Minister’s level

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To tarnish the country’s image, supporters of Khalistan may carry out a terrorist attack on the convoy of foreign guests. The Intelligence Service has informed the Ministry of the Interior about this. Dignitaries from many countries have reached Delhi for the G-20 meetings.

In view of the attack on Ajnala police station in Punjab and the pro-Khalistan posters put up in Delhi two months ago, the ministry remains vigilant. The ministry itself issued the warning on Tuesday evening after a high-level meeting. Foreign guests are now getting the Prime Minister’s level in Delhi.

A police officer said that the special input guests will be transferred from IGI Airport to Safdarjung Airport by small planes. From here the hotel is heavily secured.

For three consecutive days, a large number of police officers are deployed 24 hours a day from the airport to the hotels. More than 20 police officers have been deployed at a distance of 100-100 meters. Jawans in training from the Delhi Police have also been deployed in security. His training is currently on hold.

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