Delhi: Excavations Started To Discover Ancient Civilization, After Five Years, Work Is Back On – Excavations Started To Discover Ancient Civilizations

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The excavation of the ancient fort has resumed to discover Delhi’s oldest civilization. Earlier in 2017-2018, the fort was excavated, after which evidence of the Maurya period was found here. Now excavations are being made to discover the civilization behind it.

Historians estimate that Delhi was destroyed not seven times, but about 12 times. The mound on which the old fortress stands is the only place under which to bury the history of all these civilizations that people are trying to discover. Arrangements will be made in the coming days to see Delhi’s 2,500 years of history in one place in the old fort. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) will preserve all the historical evidence found in the excavation of the ancient fort since 1954 and will be kept in the fort for public viewing.

Previously, the old fort was excavated in 1954-55 and again in 1969-73 under the leadership of Padmashree Bibi Lal. This was followed by a third excavation in 2013-14 and a fourth in 2017-18. Now there is a fifth chance.

what is the oldest civilization of delhi

It is believed that this place could be Indraprastha, the capital of the Pandavas. Today, the old fortress is located on the same hill where the Pandavas had their capital. At present, Vasant Kumar Swarnakar says that until now people only know the history of British period and Mughal period of Delhi. But the excavation has started again to find out who was the oldest civilization on the mound on which the old fortress stood.

Evidence of Maurya period found after digging seven feet

During the two-meter excavation in 2017-2018, the ASI team found many things related to the Maurya period. Bracelets, coins, sickle, small knife for cutting fruits and vegetables, terracotta toys, baked stones, beads, terracotta idols, seals, drains for water drainage and other objects have been found in it. Vasant Kumar Swarnakar said that the excavation work has just started, it is expected that evidence of future history will be found from this.

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