Delhi: Elderly woman killed after looting in Dayalpur

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An elderly woman was killed after being robbed in the Dayalpur area of ​​North East Delhi. The deceased has been identified as Shanti Devi (88). His body was found on the bed in his home on Sunday morning. Apart from the woman’s hands and feet, her mouth was tied with a cloth. It is said that the woman was killed by pressing her mouth. In the home of the deceased, apart from some jewellery, cash, the jewelery and valuables that the deceased had been wearing, are missing. In addition to the crime team, the FSL team collected evidence at the scene. The police suspect that the incident was committed on behalf of an expert.

Shanti Devi lived alone in her 300m house at No. 4 Gali, Karaval Nagar Extension. In the year 2018, her husband OP Sharma passed away after illness. He retired from Customs. Shanti Devi has three sons Deepak Sharma, Dinesh Sharma and Neeraj. All three live with their families in different places. Deepak is retired from Lok Nayak Hospital and currently lives in Faridabad with his family. The same middle son Dinesh Sharma is retired from the education department and lives in Mukherjee Nagar with his family. Younger son Neeraj Sharma is retired from a government bank and lives with his family in Old Delhi.

Mother had difficulty walking. In view of this, a month and a half ago, the family had hired a domestic worker to take care of them. She left after work during the day. Around 8:30 am on Sunday morning, neighbors called Neeraj after seeing the door of his house open. Later, on Neeraj’s advice, when the neighbors reached in, Shanti Devi lay unconscious on the bed. Besides his hands and feet, a cloth was tied over his mouth. The neighbors have informed Neeraj about this. Police were later alerted at 9 a.m. Senior police officers arrived on the scene as soon as the information came in. Everything in the house was scattered inside. The whole house was searched. The miscreants had entered the house by breaking open the back door, later they left through the front.

After getting the news, the family reached Karaval Nagar. The amount of money and jewelery taken from the house has not been disclosed. The gold chain and tops the woman was wearing have disappeared from her body. The police registered a case of murder after taking the statement of relatives. The police handed over the body to the family on Monday after the autopsy. After this, the police try to get to the bottom of the matter by questioning the relatives. In addition to questioning the maid and other suspects, the area is searched for cameras.

Suspicion of knowing hand

After preliminary investigation, the police suspect that the incident was committed on behalf of an acquaintance of the elderly woman. In addition to his mobile call details, the police also question the household help. An attempt is made to reach the suspect by questioning local residents. Police have seized CCTV footage.

After the robbery, the woman was charged with murder. In addition to the crime team, the FSL team has collected evidence at the scene, and efforts are underway to identify and reach the suspects.

-Sanjay Kumar Sen, Deputy Commissioner of Police, North East District

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