Delhi: DU Will Make Students Entrepreneurs, Will Teach Employment Oriented Courses, Skills Course Is Compulsory In Every Semester – Du Will Make Students Entrepreneurs, Will Teach Employment Oriented Course

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The University of Delhi aims to make students entrepreneurs through skills-based courses introduced under the four-year undergraduate program implemented at the undergraduate level. DU has created a pool of 68 skills improvement courses for the second semester. From this pool, students from the 3rd to the 8th semester can follow the study program of their choice. Now they will be judged by DU. In the future, the subject of evaluation and internship will be devised by the industry itself.

Professor Payal Mago, chair of DU’s skills committee, said that 68 courses have been prepared for the second semester which will start soon. These are such courses after which students not only become entrepreneurs, but also professionally oriented. There are also courses that the students can start with by going to their place of residence. No land will be needed for them. Some of these courses are Aqua Culture, Lac Processing, Genomics, Silk Worm Culture and Mushroom Technology, Dragon Fruit Culture is included.

Some other courses include: image styling, radiation safety, forensic chemistry, chocolate craft, dairy processing, floriculture, horticulture, organic farming, green belt development for smart cities, pasta and confectionery technology, chemistry of cosmetics and hygiene products and many more.

Compulsory skills course every semester

Pro. Payal said that in the four-year degree, it is compulsory for the student to take a skills course every semester. In such a situation, they are so prepared that they can also use them in the future. Students can also follow the course unit that is related to the course taken previously or split it up in a subsequent semester.

This way he can specialize in every course. Now only DU will evaluate them. Later they think about having their evaluation done by the industry. In addition, they also receive an internship. It may be known that 41 skills courses have been previously prepared for the current semester.

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