Delhi: Delhi Police will conduct night patrols from 11 AM to 5 AM, division of labor is complete – Delhi Police will conduct night patrols from 11 AM to 5 AM

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Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora tries to restore the tarnished image of the police after the Kanjhawala incident. Anjali was dragged for 13 km in the suburbs of Delhi overnight, but the police did not even get a clue, while there were five PCRs and pickets on the route. In such a situation, the Delhi Police Commissioner has ordered that the police officers now patrol from 11 AM to 5 AM. Three police officers are deployed on each picket. Every police officer will have a different job.

To check the vigilance of the agents, trial calls are made by the Night Watch (GO). The data from the control of night patrols will have to be entered in the register. The police issued circular (number-4) on January 31 and said in the order that the police officers would patrol at night. In every police station, the help of house guard and police friend is called in during this period. There will also be border patrols, permanent pickets, mobile patrols and foot patrols.

Wireless devices, small arms and vehicle registers will be given to the police officers assigned to night patrols. Three police officers will be deployed on each picket built in the police station area. A police officer posted on a picket has a long-range weapon. He will be posted to take his position as he sees fit. The second police officer posted on the picket controls the passing vehicles. The third police officer will enter the data of the vehicles checked into the register.

During an inspection, the details of suspect vehicles are included in the register

Police officers patrolling vehicles at night will have heavy weapons and check suspicious vehicles. The details of suspicious vehicles are included in the register. Registers are made available to the police officers by the District DCP. If the police officers performing night patrols and picket duty are not provided with this register, disciplinary action will be taken against the staff involved, the Inspector (Law and Order) posted to the police station and the concerned bureau chief. During the night shift, Night GO ensures that SI and inspector may or may not check picket and night patrol personnel. He will write the record of his check in the register.

Test calls are given to check

The Police Commissioner has issued strict orders that Night Geo will make test calls to check the vigilance of police officers on night shifts. This includes MVP employees, emergency response officers and control employees. The Black Rose and Red Alert campaign is conducted by Night Supervisor from time to time. All Night Geo will complete the night control report.

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