Delhi: Delhi government will give one crore each to the families of 14 Corona fighters, cabinet approval

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The Delhi government will give an honorarium of Rs one crore each to the families of 14 corona fighters who lost their lives during the corona pandemic. The proposal was approved Friday at a meeting of the cabinet group chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia.

After the meeting, Manish Sisodia said that Delhi’s corona warriors worked to protect humanity and society during the pandemic regardless of their lives. Many warriors died fighting this epidemic. The government honors their supreme sacrifice. This amount cannot make up for the loss of the family of the deceased Corona fighters, but the family will certainly get a means to live a respectable life.

He said our Corona warriors didn’t even care about their lives while serving the people and got infected and martyred themselves. Delhi and the country will not forget this sacrifice of Corona fighters.

Sisodia said our Corona fighters were martyred protecting their humanity and fulfilling their duty, but we will not leave their families alone. Honoring the martyrdom of the martyrs and their families is the priority of the Kejriwal government. Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal stands shoulder to shoulder with the families of these corona martyrs as brother and son.

His family gets the amount

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Honorarium of one crore rupee to the family of martyr Karambir Singh

As part of the Kejriwal government’s plan to honor Corona fighters, the Delhi police presented an honorarium of Rs one crore to the family of brave martyr Karambir Singh. Delhi Police Sub-Inspector (Driver) Karambir Singh laid down his life while serving the nation during the Corona Pandemic.

Food Minister Imran Hussain handed over a check of Rs one crore on Friday to Jai Pali Devi, wife of the late Karambir Singh, along with Mustafabad MLA Haji Yunus, District Magistrate Northeast Geetika Sharma and senior officials of the Revenue Service.

Karambir Singh is survived by his wife, five daughters and a son. On this occasion, Imran Hussain said that Delhi’s corona warriors did the noble work of protecting humanity and society during the pandemic and made the greatest sacrifice of their lives.

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